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Zach braff ass

A subreddit for texts, pictures or videos of people calling bullshit.

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All identifying information must zach removed, including your own. Don't call bullshit on trolls, jokes, zach honest mistakes. Posts about politics politicians, pundits, political subs are prohibited.

If you provide others with links or personal information which would allow others to harass the BSer, you will be banned.

Zach Braff's 10 Tips On Being An Ass

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OP tells story about Zach Braff braff like a self-entitled asshole in a restaurant. Zach Braff is full braff shit. I've eaten in many restaurants and I've never seen him waiting tables.

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I hate when celebrities think they can just make shit up on the Internet and everyone believes them. Well, I'm calling you ass Zack Braff.

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I dare you to meet ass at a restaurant. Hell, I'll even pay.