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Willie geist gay

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geist He is tall and has a sneaky corporate salesman look about him but he is considered a possible willie of Matt Lauer once he retires from the Today show. When I first saw Willie he seems like someone who might be willing to do anything to get ahead in that business.

He gay willie some borderline gay segments including kissing Al Roker on the lips gay Fredudian slips.

Matt Lauer Mocked Sexual Harassment In ‘Today’ Segment with Willie Geist: WATCH

Married to his high-school sweetheart for a dozen years, with two kids. I'm going to vote "not gay". Now whether geist spent time on the newsroom casting couch I have no idea. Very gay friendly, friend of Andy Cohen which of course, will drive DL queens into a tizzy.

Anybody get a gay vibe from Morning Joe/ Today show co-host Willie Geist.

On Andy's show frequently. The fugly Willie is a member of the "Lucky Sperm Club. OP, my uncle says he get a gay vibe from your mother every time they do the nasty, but he doesn't go rushing to put it on a gay website. I know him from Ridgewood High. His father is a horndog, though the kind where gay "locked up their teenage daughters".

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He's straight I don't get any vibe from him, but I do find willie cute. I love tall guys geist he's right up my alley .