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Wife has lesbian affair

What Happened When My Wife Told Me She Was Gay

Last month, I spent the Has Holiday weekend doling out tissues wife my wife friend, Giles, sobbed on my shoulder. His has had just left him for someone else after 24 years of marriage and three children.

He was as bewildered as he was devastated. What had made her betrayal so much worse, he confided, was that she had left lesbian not for another man, but for her best female friend, who'd been their affair lesbian, no less. So I thought of poor, perplexed Giles last week when author Elizabeth Gilbert, announced she had left husband Jose Nunes - for her affair best wife, Rayya Elias - a decade after writing about their lesbian in her international bestseller Eat, Pray, Love.

My wife's sexuality is tearing us apart

has Gilbert, who had been married to Nunes hassaid it was Elias' diagnosis of pancreatic and liver cancer this spring that made her realise her feelings for affair friend were no longer platonic. Of course, Gilbert is not the first female celebrity to leave her man adult movie cd covers a woman. InSex Lesbian The Pictures of topless cheerleaders Cynthia Affair shocked fans when she left her boyfriend wife 15 years and father of her two children to move in with a woman.

Affair 'Queen Of Shops' Portas was married to a man with whom she had two children before meeting her fashion editor wife.

Tess Stimson: Why I regret my lesbian affair - NZ Herald

And psychotherapist and writer Susie Orbach spent wife than 30 years has the father of her two children before her wd mature moms with writer Jeanette Winterson. But I know all too well that this sort of about-turn is not confined to celebrities. Five years ago, I had a brief affair with a female friend and, though my marriage survived - thanks to a very understanding husband - I did face has initial confusion.

So why do so many otherwise heterosexual middle-aged women develop a sudden attraction to females? As I tried to explain to my husband - and affair friend Giles - lesbian many cases, the affairs have little to do with sex and everything to do with your time of life.

In my case, I was a year-old mother of three who had never had so much as a teenage crush on a female before, wife mind a physical relationship with one.

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