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Vogue brikette vintage doll flirty eye s

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I had pirchased a clone Brikette Doll a few months ago and fell in love with how her body and waist was designed. Brikette is a strung Doll with a unique and interesting pivoting waist, which makes for many different poses.

Vintage 22" Brikette by Vogue | I had pirchased a clone Brik… | Flickr

Depending on how she is posed, her flirty emerald green eyes change expression! She is wearing eye favorite one an original outfit and has the common Carrot Red Hair.

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The person I bought this from was so kind and kind of like me, when I list or sell something, comparing to buying something. I felt she completely underrated the condition and quality of the Doll, She was taken out of her shipper vintage, I gently brushed her hair, and that was vogue.

Fastest clean up ever and she has that doll vintage smell, so I love this impish Sweetheart and hope you all do too!

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Some may not feel that way. Brikette was also used in the brikette "Twilight Zone" episode, as "Talky Tina", who even scared the crap out of me when she sais at the end, "Hi, I'm Talky Tina I have seen Vogue Brikette Dolls with brown hair but it could be monster dildo 02 slight movie nostalgia that makes her price jump a little higher.

VOGUE 1960 22" Brikette

I'll enjoy my standard carrot haired beauty and love her triangular eyebrows flirty adorable freckles. You seem to be using an unsupported browser. Please update to get the most out of Flickr.