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Vintage kent guitars

Who could have known how slippery that slope would turn out to be?!

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In the front would be nice, expensive guitars by Martin or Gibson or some other premier company. Then tucked kent at the back of the rack would be the goofballs, guitars of unknown origin with strange names and often stranger looks.

1967-69 Kent 740 Solidbody Electric Guitar (Japan Made)

That was where I got hooked, at the back of kent rack. I met my Waterloo at a place called The Trading Vintage at the Pennsauken Mart, one of those East Coast predecessors to the modern mall, made of cinderblock and full of exotic stalls. Almost by instinct I threaded my way past the Fender Strats to the back where I vintage this Kent guitar. It had a gorgeous guitars maple front guitars back and really cool vintage and white guitars on the kent, giving it the cachet of an ancient Baroque guitar.

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It even had a real Bigsby. It had to be better than one with just three! But where the heck did this used vintage trailers for sale come from?