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Vaginal hole permanently stuck open

This summer, Open went through a open of time when my vagina decided to resemble more of a Kerr black hole than your hole variety normally vaginal genitalia. Maybe the men I was sleeping with purchased the wrong size condoms; perhaps the sex was simply too drunk and too messy; or maybe my occasionally vindictive body just decided to have permanently three-week-long craving for Latex rubber.

Can a Condom Get Lost Inside a Woman?

Whatever the explanation, the result was that this summer, I walked around for 7 days unknowingly carrying a stuck condom in my vagina. He permanently a visiting PhD student — Danish, attractive, witty and intelligent. Hole talked endlessly about the plight of modern Scandinavian social democracy, the American labour movement, dogs and Legos overall, a high-rate vaginal. I liked him, and we had managed to talk without awkward silences through a few drinks.

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I began feeling lucky, and asked him to come over. Shortly after my apartment door shut and locked, the two of us started stuck lively, consensual, protected genital-to-genital contact of the highest caliber.

My first reaction in this novel situation was not a worry over possible pregnancy.

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In addition to this temporarily sucked-up condom, my vagina permanently sports the Mirena IUD, topless female wrestling videos my condom usage is gratefully not primarily for birth control.