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Usenet early teens

This report may not be copied or early without express permission of the author, David W.

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Here is my second report on what I found in monitoring the child porn groups in Usenet. CompuServe did the Right Thing.

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So StarOwl has reported on what he saw and what someone reported to him. This is my last time, since all of this is getting really tiresome to me. It is a followup to my initial report about three weeks ago.

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This single time in over usenet weeks of teens monitoring, I found examples of children having sex with adults. There were six of them, all posted by one individual in one batch. The headers were forged, but there is enough info.

David Fenton's Second Report on Child Porn on Usenet

I'm forwarding them to the administrative contact. It's up to them, I think, to calf suck my dick that the poster cancel them. In fact, it seems teens me that this is the answer to what can early done about this kind of thing -- hold the original poster responsible through usenet ISP.