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8 Types Of Vaginas That Men Love

Much like fingerprints, no two vaginas are exactly alike and guys are well aware of it. Unfortunately, we as women types to be left in the dark when it comes to this.

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The truth is that guys have just as much vagina say about vaginas as we have to say about their man parts. No need to fret.

There's five types of vaginas apparently, which one do you have?

What It Says About You: This type of vagina is more narrow and bonier than most. The exciting part about it is that it allows for a tighter fit that ensures a sensational sexual experience. The snug fit makes for great sex and stimulation.

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Although it often leads to great sex, it can be a little uncomfortable when a sensitive body part is conjoined with a bony one. They are so pert nude beaches of california they practically scream for attention.