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Topless beaches in turkey

I've only ever been to the continent before, this year is my first time to turkey. I'm staying at the eftalia Marin with the hubby, and 4 small people, aged 5,6,9 and What's the Turkish "rules" on topless?

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Turkey is predominantly a Muslim country so topless sunbathing is not the 'norm' at all. As it is more unusual you turkey well get a lot turkey europian pussy stares and attention - not so much of the pervy sort but just sheer curiosity as well. Remember a lot of the workers in the hotels and resorts come from very rural, traditional areas where women are covered up.

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May be worth beaches on the Alanya forum for information about the hotel and surroundings: It should be remembered that Turks are by nature a modest people, and find other people's nudity offensive. Topless sunbathing actually contravenes the Turkish obscenity law; albeit a law that is not enforced on foreign visitors.

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Topless, please respect Turkish' traditions. I've never seen anyone beaches topless in any of the hotels I've stayed in in Turkey.

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The hotel answered saying it was only allowed in topless adult only section. So it might be worth emailing the hotel to ask if they have the same rules there? But if you are allowed you may be the only one doing it, it's certainly not the norm in Turkey!