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Toddler peeing on carpet

My 3 year old son is having problems with defiance right now and toddler he doesn't get his way he he will threaten to "pee in my house" but what is worse is that he will pull his pants down and pee on the carpet or other things like pillows or peeing animals.

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He is peeing trained and they are not accidents because he carpet pulls his pants down to do it. Sometimes he will just sit off teh side of teh bed and pee on the floor.

Obviously this indian girls hairy armpits very irritating and I am at my wits end. Does anyone have any advice on how I can control this? He is trying to assert peeing dominance toddler I'm definitely not liking it.

How to Clean Children's Urine From Carpet

Is there any way to redirect him to assert dominance in another way? Thank you all for toddler wonderful advice.

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My son is definitely getting the best of me. I just can't figure out what is going on with carpet. I have actually been spending MORE time with him and praising him more and doing much more things.

For the past month he has been having some acting out issues and he can't explain what is wrong, carpet I do klnow that he has been having headaches on a regular basis.