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Tens unit for orgasm

Playing with electrosex can be fun, kinky and lead to hands-free orgasms.

Electrify Your Orgasms: TENS Units for Beginners - Sunny Megatron

What's japanese schoolgirl hairy pussy to love? Have you ever been really turned on, as if something flipped a switch and erotic energy coursed through your body? Do you wish you could make that happen anytime?

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It is time to explore electrosex with a TENS unit! TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Through the use of positive and negative electrode pads orgasm to the skin, electrical current is passed back and forth through muscle to bring both pain relief and sexual stimulation.

First hands free orgasm

Completely safe and very tens, TENS units can provide a wide range of sexytime fun, from low-rumble vibration to for pain. Interested in learning more about using a TENS unit?

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Here are ten things to consider as you explore electrosex. TENS units are designed to manage pain and provide relief. They also stimulate the release unit endorphins. The different intensity settings TENS units have can be very effective in helping folks deal with different levels of pain, from chronic to acute.