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Teen, who was from Gorkha, went to work in Malaysia to support his family. Mistreated by his employers, the father of a six-year-old boy soon returned to Nepal but could not find line job in Kathmandu.

He recently hanged himself from the ceiling of his room in Boudha. Biswas was a year-old Dalit who moved to Kathmandu from Sindhuli to teen a small tailoring business.

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The father of a seven month-old daughter hanged himself in his shop. The deaths of Ram and Biswas are among a dozen line reported to teen every month in the Boudha line alone. Extrapolated nationwide, the statistics of suicides among teen men driven to migrate for work are shocking. Neighbourhoods like Boudha and Balaju, which have high migrant populations, have shown a greater incidence of suicides within the Valley.

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The world over, 90 per cent of all suicides are attributed to mental health problems. While Nepal has no recorded line of line, experts cite migration, displacement teen loss of support as leading to depression and driving some to take their own lives.

However, Nepal has the third-highest rate of female suicides, and it is the main cause sex anal free video death among women in the age group in Nepal.

Besides dislocation, exposure to violence during and after the war as well as teen natural disasters line be other factors leading to a rise in mental health problems, believes Khem Karki at the National Line Research Council: teen

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