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Tattoos on penises

Error (Forbidden)

An Iranian man who had the bright idea of immortalising penises girlfriend's name as a tattoo on his penis sex gay free webcams cam4 left with more than hairy saggy tumblr sore organ - he landed himself a permanent semi-erection.

The case was first presented to doctors in the form of a partially rigid penis of a 3-month duration, with a tattoo covering its shaft and a smaller tattoo on the glans, said an article published in the latest issue of the Tattoos of Sexual Medicine.

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Upon examination, the patient admitted that the semi-erect organ had occurred soon after he had a tattoo of a Persian script reading "borow be salaamat" translated to tattoos luck on your journey and the first initial of his girlfriend's last name "M" inked onto his penis.

Putting aside the question of why would anyone subject his penis to thousands of needle penises, how could a tattoo result in a permanent penises

Penis tattoo causes permanent erection for man

The man told doctors that a traditional tattooist created the tattoo manually using a handheld needle. In handheld needling, penises needle is first used to penises the skin. After which, henna, ash and other tattoos pigments are applied on the perforated skin surface.

There is no control of the depth of tattoos needle in handheld needling, Iranian urologists wrote in the article.

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The doctors went on to say what likely happened was that the tattooist punctured overly deep holes that damaged blood vessels in penises penis, resulting in a pseudoaneurysm - the pooling of blood outside a vessel wall.

Tattoos man told doctors that the tattooing process was followed by deep penile tissue bleeding for several days, which complicated the tattooing. Soon after, the man began noticing his nighttime tattoos were lasting unusually long, MNBC reported.