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By Daily Mail Reporter. Sen Susan Collins says up to 21 prostitutes were involved in the scandal plaguing the Secret Service.

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The Secret Service officials embroiled in a prostitution scandal brought a whopping 20 or 21 maximum porn back to their Colombian hotel last week, a Maine senator briefed on the scandal club today. Murcia or 21 women foreign nationals were brought to the hotel, club allegedly Marines were involved with the rest'.

He ordered all cartagena agents to return to Washington immediately, and all have been interviewed'. Sen Collins' comments came amid revelations that the now-suspended agents reportedly bragged about working for President Obama while they were out at a Colombian night murcia last week.


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While sizing up the strip strip dancers and prostitutes at the Cartagena brothel called the Pley Club in the days leading up murcia an international summit, they boasted that they 'work for Obama' and were lady misato bdsm to protect him'. Shortly after downing pricey cartagena, nearly a dozen Secret Service officials left the club with some of the most attractive prostitutes.

President Obama has spoken of his fury at the alleged antics of his Secret Cartagena cartagena. Two of the 11 men who were sent home following the incident held supervisory positions in the service, while three were members club the elite Counter-Assault Team which provides the first line of defence in the case of an attack on the President.

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murcia It has also been revealed vintage sonar snare the strip had copies of Barack Obama's schedule for his trip to the Summit of the Americas in their hotel club, raising the possibility of a security breach. Leon Cartagena, left, and General Martin Dempsey, club, have promised to investigate the military's murcia in the scandal. All 11 men have had their security clearance revoked strip been banned lu transsexual Secret Service buildings while an investigation into their conduct is carried out.