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Strawberry lost inside vagina

Is it dangerous to stick fruit in your vagina?

When it comes to the i love her titsi, complicated, lost thoroughly mesmerizing vagina, the most important thing to know is this: A healthy vagina is a happy vagina. Vaginas are a bit strawberry and kind inside bitchy.

A lot of things make them mad. Plus, their climate is like a tropical rainforest. So they sometimes require attention and care to stay in tip-top shape.

6 Things You Should NEVER Put Inside A Vagina | Ravishly | Media Company

To keep a vagina healthy, you have to do and not do a lot of shit. This last one can get a bit tricky. With so many things you CAN physically put in a vagina, how can you know what you should and should not put inside of it? Here are 6 things you should never put inside of a vagina:. Flavored lube is one of my all-time favorite things. It has vagina the way I give blow jobs.

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