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Squirt guns that look like real guns for sale

Saturator AK Automatic Water Gun

If you were dominated last year because you had a dinky water pistol, you might want to upgrade your blaster to something more…formidable. There are tons of great super soakers and other water guns available that have moor oomph to them.

From big blasters to small, high-powered pistols, there are tons of cool toy guns available to help you be successful in your water warfare. This pump fire soaker has a targeting scope and blasts water up to 30 feet, and for has 3 sale stream options for firing.

Water Guns

It holds 55 ounces of water in the tank, and it has a unique lever-action mechanism for shooting instead of a triggerand it feels REALLY good to spray your friends with. It has like a 10 foot range, and also features pump action.

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All of your friends have a water gun, sure, but how many of them guns a water gun attached to their bike? This bike blaster requires 4 AA batteries not included.

1980s water guns (battery-powered, motorized) that look real

The water uzi requires four AA batteries. Instead of shooting a stream of luke warm water at your enemies, you can shoot real icy blast that will freeze them to their core, stopping them in their tracks. It has an alien-esque design, with a guy showing his dick barrel in the back and a handy handle on the top.

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It holds mL of water and shoots over 20 feet. That is it one of the best water guns available?

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The water tank lights look, and each pistol holds four ounces. It shoots over 20 feet away, which guns impressive for squirt pistol of its size.