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Spanked with the belt

Groups Stories The People. I heard my sister's first belt spanking. Up until 12 we were spanked with either the hairbrush or the hand.


After 12 we were told we would get the belt. We all feared the belt, it was wide and thick. Soon after my sister turned 12 she did something that required a spanking. I saw my dad fetch the belt nude ex gf pic take my sister to with room, she looked spanked worried. After a few minutes I heard the first belt slap followed by my sister crying out in pain. She got 11 more strokes.

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Then it all went quiet. After about half an hour she came out of her room, she had stopped crying but her eyes were still red.

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Receive notifications on replies. Till what age were you and your belt spanked? We were spanked till and always on bare with a belt. I got my last at 16, my sister