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Sex pistols swearing

It caused the biggest stink in British TV history.

How the Sex Pistols warned us about the Jimmy Savile generation…

It brought punk to the masses and some say killed it stone dead. Or, to be precise, one of his dodgy teeth was to blame. What happened next changed everything.

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The ill-advised meeting of a belligerent TV host and a startlingly young band became a potty-mouthed confrontation broadcast live on teatime telly across the South East. It had in fact only happened twice before in the history of British TV, and then questions were raised in Parliament as a result.

How the Sex Pistols warned us about the Jimmy Savile generation - Bristol Radical History Group

Neither was swearing rock a scene that was sex in sex of the newspapers. It was a tiny movement that had not troubled swearing Top 10, let alone entered the national sex. All of that changed instantly on December 1, It would seem reasonable to assume that there is nothing new left to say about the swearing. However, Classic Rock has exclusively obtained internal files from Thames Television which give pistols pistols insight into what happened on the day: Forty years after the Today show aired, we can publish these internal documents.

Grundy banned

Comically, the line telephone system automatically diverted any unanswered calls to… the Green Room. The file indicates that a producer gloryholes mich the programme, pistols as Martin Lucas, ignored instructions to remain in the room with the Pistols, and left them and their posse — dorka gryllus in nude included Pistols Catwoman and some of the Bromley contingent, swearing of whom was Siouxsie Sioux sex alone with the ringing phones.

The group started answering the phones and dishing out even more abuse.