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Second type woman transsexual surgery

Sex reassignment surgery (male-to-female) - Wikipedia

We learned in Lynn's story that she was born and raised as a boy, and later in life was changed into a girl by female sex hormone treatments and major surgical procedures. Because of this past, Lynn is sometimes called a "transsexual" woman.

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Why did this happen to Lynn, and what is transsexual anyways? And how does life turn out for women who have transitioned this way?

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In Part I we first answered some basic questions about gender and woman. We learned about the nature of gender identity, about where it comes from and about what events occur in nature that interfere with correct assignments of gender.


We also learned about transgenderism and transgender transitions. In Surgery II we then provided detailed information about male-to-female MtF transsexualism, including historical, cross-cultural and prevalence information.

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We also second current methods and technology for complete MtF transsexual transition, and provide links to more information type TS transition. Here in Part II I we discuss some of the issues that TS women face after their MtF transsexual vintage erotic forum emily arth as they strive to socially assimilate as women and live full and happy lives.