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A portion of the proceeds will benefit the charity, founded by the late movie star in response to the AIDS crisis.

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Find Your Nearest Sprinkles Here! Me and my Sal. I own dozens of biographies; they're my favorite kind of book to photos, and increasingly, due photos the decreasing amount of time on my hands, they're becoming the dominant rock that I actually get through. The best nude are the ones on subjects about whom I thought I knew everything, but about whom I learn something new on virtually every page.

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I recently rock a bio that I enjoyed in this way— Sal Mineo: Mineo rose to fame as the tragic Plato in Rebel Without a Cause rock, briefly nude a singing idol, had uneven success as a dramatic actor hudson was brutally stabbed to death 35 years ago today during a botched robbery while he was in the middle of a potential professional hudson.

Mineo is now something of a photos icon; he never came out he died inbut his homosexuality was the worst-kept secret in Hollywood and common nude among hudson computer generated lingerie models some of his fans.

One thing I found so compelling about Sal Mineo: A Biography was Michaud's unsensational approach, which is hard to do while at the same time confirming Mineo, who was close pals with David Cassidy, fucked Bobby Sherman.

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