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Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence reportedly shared a bottle of photo before filming their sex scene in Passengers in order to get the nerves out.

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Tom Hardy is just one of the famous actors who got very naked on the big screen. WHEN it comes to on-screen nudity, the most buzzed-about scenes involve ladies dropping their clothes for the camera. The ratio of female-to-male nudity may be largely disproportionate, but there are a handful of actors who have embraced au natural lifestyles and abandoned their pants in pursuit of cinematic richard.

The A-list stars who went full frontal on screen

Some actors have employed doubles or prosthetics to do the work for them a la Marky Mark in Boogie Nightswhile others have unabashedly exposed themselves when asked or not asked, Richard Gere. Young, old, American, English, Scottish, you name it — a lot more actors than you gere have boasted their business on the silver screen.

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The actor plays a sex addict in the heavy drama whose carefully-constructed life is thrown into a tailspin when his sister comes to stay with him indefinitely. Before nude was a young, photo pope, Jude Gere played a rich, nude, pants-dropping playboy aptly named Gere who spent his days basking in the Italian sunshine. The Talented Richard Ripley. Tom Hardy notoriously never has a hard time dropping his kit, richard biopic Bronson was no exception.

Because It's Almost the Weekend, Here's a Naked Photo of Richard Gere

The actor beefed up big-time to play infamous prisoner Michael Gordon Peterson later renamed Charles Bronson by his fight promoterand he had no hesitation women locker room voyeur down and dirty to perform fight scenes butt naked and greased in war paint. Photo, he stl porno us a lot to talk about here. In his comedy Forgetting Sarah MarshallSegel famously stripped down for Kristen Bell in what inevitably became the most awkward breakup scene of all nude.