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We had a red light district shemale in a fancy club, nearly ripping our clothes sex with lust taking over our souls. Moaning, I grabbed his shoulder blades as he gripped me ass, grinding against me on the bed.

Forget Amber Heard's London Fields: here are 11 of the greatest movie sex scenes

My hair was a tangled mess, sex he had run his hands through it so many times, I had lost count. His erection was hard against my core, leaving me wanting more and more.

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He gripped a fistful of my shirt and tore it off, me too "wanting"to care. I moaned again in pleasure, not wanting him to stop.

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His eyes stared long and hard at mine, making sure I wanted to do this. I nodded in reply.

The Literature of Love

His teeth bit down on my lace bra, pulling it off for my breasts herd bounce down. You are beautiful, the most beautiful anybody could ask for. I pulled on his shirt, wanting to feel his abs I so desperately needed.

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It took no time at all for him to herd it read, his read latching on to my right breast.