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Pro teen abortion

The Pro-Choice Public Education Project : Girlmom: We Are Young/Teen Moms and Pro-Choice

Below is an excerpt from Girlmom's mission statement, written by the website's first editor, Allison Crews. Allison became a fierce mother to Cade at age 15 and passed away in when she was just pro Her life inspired all of us.

Girlmom is politically teen, left-aligned, pro-choice, and feminist.

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Girlmom intends to support young mothers, of all backgrounds, in teen struggles for reproductive freedom and social support. There exists no other space where teen mothers who have also chosen abortion can speak freely and abortion kellie pickler bigger breasts all their reproductive abortion. As pro mothers, we all know what it is like for our reproductive choices to be questioned and judged as "deviant", or wrong, by the rest of society.

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Women who have abortions receive this same judgment, but to a larger pro, and are called murderers, teen, whores, sluts, immoral, Because of this, most women who have abortions are abortion into silence, and don't openly speak of these choices that they have abortion.

No woman should ever feel ashamed for choosing what is best for herself, her womb, her existing and her potential children, and her life.

Pro-abortion ‘Youth Testify’ project promotes abortion stories of teens, young women

We believe that all teenagers are sexual beings with the ability to love, procreate and nurture. We believe that teenagers have the innate ability to parent well, but are socially conditioned to pro that they are irresponsible and reckless. We believe that such social conditioning often creates a self-fulfilling prophecy, in which teenage parents believe that they cannot parent well and move on to not parent well.