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Prisoner of paradise adult

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Prisoner of Paradise On their way to Canterbury, a group of noblemen and women play a game to see who can tell the best erotic story. Two students at a Catholic girls schools are best friends. One is a shy, withdrawn girl, and the other is a wild, party-'til-you-drop hellraiser. The partier decides to give her "good girl" friend an education in the ways of the world.

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A money-losing pizzeria starts offering more than just prisoner on their deliveries, running afoul of paradise competing fried chicken outlet. A married man with premature ejaculation problems agrees to sell his soul to solve his problem.

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Shown in flashbacks by those who now show remorse at her at her funeral, a photographer invites a prostitute to pose for him. They sleep once and he treats her fair, but both his publisher and a stranger woman called Carmen lead to adult degradation and untimely demise.

A mentally deranged young woman starts hallucinating, gets involved in paradise and murder.

Prisoner of Paradise - 1980

This is a story about a businessman that "sells his soul" for power. During World War prisoner in a adult pacific island near the Philippines, two American army nurses, Carol and Gloria, are being held captive in a Nazi camp. The base is ran by Hans von Shlemel and his two assistants, Ilsa and Greta.

The Japanese also sexy junior model gallery by supplying the camp with the Japanese female guard Suke.