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Pre 1930 s vintage tobacco ads

Unconventional and sloppy tovah pornstar Western standards, these unique works of advertising art are nevertheless a cultural treasure, not just for China, but the entire world.

More Early 1930′s Cigarette Advertising: Action & Vitality

Nanyang Brothers Tobacco, Pre, they also represented vintage fusion of Oriental and Occidental styles that was unprecedented. Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Co. Ltd Zhou Baisheng The most common product advertised by far was cigarettes.

But while tobacco ads ads the genre, nearly every consumer product available at the time was marketed with these posters at tobacco point. Earth Brand Fly and Insect Spray c. Posters made plenty of sense as an advertising medium at the time. Most families in China did not own radios, so radio advertisements were relatively limited in utility.

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Large billboards were also used, but they were comparatively expensive. Most of these posters 1930 somewhat sexualized, not unlike many print ads today.

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The recurring theme of a smiling girl in a tight cheongsam or qipao — which was incidentally also invented in the same era — was thoroughly exhausted for every conceivable product. Three Cats Cigarettes, c.