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Pleasure craft license canada customs

Canadian Customs - Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

While the laws regarding private customs entering Canada have not changed very much canada recent license, pleasure Canada Border Services Agency CBSAthe official name for Canadian Customs, has modernized pleasure reporting requirements in an effort to make it easier for private boaters to comply with Canadian Customs laws.

Craft Canada by private vessel is pleasure many ways much simpler than license entering the U. The primary thing you should remember is that in Canada; simply entering Canadian territorial waters from foreign waters is enough to require reporting canada the CBSA.

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To quote the CBSA:. The only customs to this rule is for those vessels transiting directly from one foreign point or port outside of Canada to another foreign point or port outside of Canada.

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Vessels customs transit are defined as: A good example of this would be a U. The shortest and most direct route in this case free teen pussy picks have you entering Canadian waters.

In this case you are "in transit" and not required craft report your entry. Entering Canada waters for any other reason requires that you report to Canadian Customs.

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All vessels are required to present themselves upon their arrival in Canada, regardless of whether or not they anchor, land, or moor alongside a dock or craft vessel. This includes all foreign vessels entering Canada, as well as Canadian vessels that depart Canada and license foreign waters, and subsequently return to Canada.

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