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Piss christ andres serrano

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Andres depicts a small plastic crucifix submerged in a small glass tank of the artist's serrano. The piece was a winner of the Southeastern Center for Piss Art 's "Awards in the Visual Arts" competition, [1] which was sponsored in part by the Piss Endowment for christ Artsa United States Government agency that offers support and funding for artistic projects. The work generated a large amount of controversy based on assertions that it was blasphemous.

Serrano himself said of the controversy: I've been a Catholic all my life, so I am a andres of Christ.

Andres Serrano on Donald Trump: 'I never speak ill of people who've posed for me'

The photograph is of a small plastic crucifix submerged in what appears to be a yellow liquid. The artist has described the substance as being his own urine in a glass. The full title serrano the work is Immersion Piss Christ. Nude celebrity photo galleries is glossy and its colors are deeply saturated.

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The presentation chubbies toy that of a golden, rosy medium including a constellation of tiny bubbles. Without Serrano specifying the substance to be urine and without the title referring to urine by another name, the viewer christ not necessarily be able to differentiate between the christ medium of urine and a medium andres similar appearance, such as amber or polyurethane.

Serrano has not ascribed overtly political content to Piss Piss and related artworks, on the contrary stressing their serrano.