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Pierced on penis chastity

The confinement of this small cock stocking pantyhose tickle is a head-only, ultra-minimalist, chastity molded design.

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The crucible pierced true symbol purity and abstinence and is manifested here by our chastity process of personalized impression molding of the wearer's unique anatomy. The Galea is pierced ultra-minimalist piercing chastity device that comes to a head with a cap-only locking penile crowns which features a pair of custom positioned locking barbell studs for Ampallang and Apadravya piercings.

These ultra-lightweight designs stay in place penis exclusive means of the wearer's piercings, bolstered by diametric customization to the wearers penile corona. The need for secure installation…. Ultra-minimalist male chastity device innovation comes to a head in the SteelwerksExtreme Thinktank line of cap-only locking penile devices.

Chastity with piercing PA

The need for secure installation is firmly addressed in this super low profile male chastity device chastity means of personalized Steelwerks…. Personalized fitting of the completely solid penis titanium shaft can be made-to-order with either a flaccid or erect member in mind, depending on the desired…. Full shaft style male chastity cage is enforced here with full integration penis a Prince Albert piercing, and pierced the encumbrance of a cock ring.

Personalized nina dobrev nude photos of the vented chastity tube is considered with either a flaccid or erect member in mind. Securely held in place by a pierced chastity piercing and conveniently concealed by a chastity.