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Peeing in the walmart parking lot

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So I just witnessed some dude taking a leak in the parking lot of Walmart

Peeing my pants in the Walmart parking lot If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here. I know that may be TMI but I thought who better to vent to then people who understand. I've had a "spazzy bladder" as my doctor called it, since my attack almost 2 months ago, walmart it's just been urgency mostly.

I went to the bathroom before I left, was shopping for less than an hour, I did start to feel like I had to go but thought I could wait.

Is it okay to pee outside at a Walmart parking lot? | Yahoo Answers

I was walking to my car, dropped a case of pop off the peeing, ran into it and it started spraying everywhere, then I peed myself! It just started coming out and I couldn't stop it! Luckily I don't know if anyone saw but I can't help thinking how embarassing that would have been had I parking left the store a minute earlier!