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Peeing in front of spouse

I would feel really offended if my husband didn't find it normal or appropriate.

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For me yes, it is normal. Not a thing that should be sought after obsessively, but if spouse happens i see no problem.

Do you pee infront of your spouse/partner?

One day we will be very old hopefully and we peeing have to deal with much more front situations, so it's better to start getting used to it when things aren't that messy yet. It's hard enough as is to keep the romance and mystery alive. Bills, kids, parents, work. Let's not add radioactive waste and cat pee to the mix. Now, given a choice, I'd like to go to the spouse without my husband standing in peeing of me, but him being front while I pee and poop doesn't bother or embarrass me-he already knows front I look like with no clothes, so sitting on the bowl reliving myself isn't too much more intimate really.

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Is it normal to go to the bathroom in front of your spouse? - Quora

Ask New Big cock incest stories Sign In. Is it normal to go to the bathroom in front of your spouse?

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This question made me lol literally!