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Peeing behind bushes

Have you ever peed outside? - Quora

A beautiful Florida evening and two people are on their way back from a trip to family for a delicious holiday dinner. A younger family peeing had cooked and the food seemed delicious. A rumble starts behind her stomach.

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A louder grumble emits from the inner depths where acids, food and bacteria are having an argument. But we're on the highway.

Top 5 Places to Pee Around the World

There's a rest stop just ahead I'll stop there. It's only a few miles more.

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Behind quick braking of the car, pull to the right and they're on the shoulder of bushes road next to a peeing ravine and trees. She leaps out of the car uncaring of peeing whizzing by her or anyone who bushes bushes watching, yanks her behind down, squats and out it comes both liquid and solid.

Albeit the solid was more liquid than… well, you get the idea.