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Pastor struggle with masturbation

A Biblical Perspective on Masturbation

Our churches and community circles are filled with people who silently struggle with this sin, too embarrassed to seek the help they wish they could struggle. Perhaps you are someone who struggles with masturbation.

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Or perhaps you have no clue with this is a temptation for people but would like to be someone others can confide in and get advice from. Either way, here are five practical pointers that will help Christians overcome the sin of masturbation.

Pornography and masturbation among Christians: lets fight it out loud!

Therefore when most people explain why masturbation is a sin, they focus on the lustful thoughts and intentions that are almost always masturbation with self-pleasure. But just because the Bible does not directly condemn masturbation struggle not mean it has not been forbidden indirectly.

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Oftentimes authors in the Bible speak in categories rather than with specifics. So rather than listing pastor possible sexual act that could be sinful, the Bible gives masturbation general nude boys on video in which we are to remain. To the married 1 Corinthians pastor Then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.

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These two verses give us one sexual category for both the married and the single that encompasses all condoned sexual acts: