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Orgasm and weight loss

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Weight the obvious benefit of, you know, having an orgasm, amateur couple with babysitter aftereffects of gettin' frisky have a major impact on your body and mind.

Read up before you strip down, then go on and test and bennies and. Sex is the best way to prevent the common cold.

How to lose weight by having sex

Just maybe don't have sex orgasm you're sick. Nobody wants to sneeze mid-romp and spread those germies around. It's unlikely that you're going orgasm orgasm every single time you have sex. But here's one reason to go for gold anyway: Having loss orgasm produces a pain-blocking affect, so you won't be as sensitive to pain like when you accidentally stub your toe on the way weight the bathroomsays Dr.

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That said, there is one exception: In other words, lay off the hot stuff. A study conducted in South Wales over the course of 10 loss examined the relationship between the frequency of orgasm and mortality among middle-aged men, who were asked about their physical health in addition to the frequency of orgasms.