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Nude yu gi oh

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Like the show, however, the cards needed some heavy censorship in order to be released. There were cards that nude violence, torture, nudity, and offensive materials, which all had to be censored in different ways. We are here today to look at the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh!

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From the demon who loves to give the finger, to the Emperor who refuses to put on a shirt. The Archfiend Heiress card is an odd example, then, as it had to be changed due to the fact that it looked like it depicted an obscene gesture, when it actually wasn't. Archfiend Heiress is a demonic girl who appears to be proficient in magic.

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In the original Japanese version of the card, she is casting a spell with her left hand. The effect of the spell is shrouding her hand in a blue orb of energy.

Archfiend Nude is pointing with her index finger like she is pretending to fire a gun with her hand. The blue energy sphere in Archfiend Nude card obscures her hentai shemale fuck girl, so it makes it look like she is pointing her middle finger instead, which looks like she is flipping the bird. When this card received an international release, the blue orb was taken away, so that we could clearly see what finger she is pointing with.