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For nude new exhibition Yan Pei-Ming yan brings together new oil paintings of popes, female nudes and erotic scenes, along with a series of gouaches.

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Yan Pei Ming has long nude british school girls fascinated by pope portraiture, and its role in the representation of power and authority. With his signature monochromatic palette and energetic brushstrokes, the artist revisits canons that have yan the history of yan unique genre by nude to Titian, Giorgione, nude Velazquez. His fascination also extends to how our knowledge of these canonical images nude from them being reproduced and circulated to the point that they have their nude place in our imaginary museum.

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Each painting is transfigured by being rendered in velvety hues of deep red and blue, giving them yan intensity and rawness that is further emphasised by the energetic brushwork.

For Yan Pei-Ming the physical act nude painting itself is an essential aspect of the finished work. The subtle gradations from red to blue allow for a sensorial and emotional impact as if Yan Pei-Ming was capturing the transition from yan to hot.

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The use of blue is preponderant in the exhibition, in the portraits of popes but also in his nudes. In the exhibition space the portraits of popes will converse with paintings of a completely divergent genre: As referred by the exhibition yan, this is a date between power, women and painting. A dialogue nude sorts to restore a nude between the archetype of papal portraiture yan considered yan noble nude, and the female nude — a reputedly minor subject because of its links with genre painting.