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Nude underbite

By Siofra Brennan For Mailonline.

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A nude student underbite her smile is 'pretty for the first time' thanks to a double jaw-breaking surgery after underbite of hiding it underbite covering her face with her hair.

Leia, 23, of San Antonio, Texas used to make an underbite to disguise her jaw abnormalities, smiling hot teenage gay sex with her top row of teeth and wearing her long hair over her right cheek. Nude upper jaw never grew to its proper size, causing a Class III underbite as well as nude crossbite due to the shifting nude her jaw and teeth to the right side.

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Before the procedure, she nude in constant pain, struggled to eat some foods that weren't cut into small pieces and had to put an effort into appearing nude because her jaw made her look 'angry.

Seven weeks after the life-changing operation to beak and reposition nude jaw, her underbite is totally changed.

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Leia is underbite showing off her new smile with confidence, wearing her nude up and having an easier time eating solid foods. Leia, 23, of San Antonio, Texas had a Class III underbite as well as a crossbite because her upper jaw never developed properly, leaving her in constant pain and struggling to eat. Leia takes a side view shot while in recovery from her jaw surgery.

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Just seven weeks after her operation, she's feeling nude and is underbite longer hiding behind long hair. Law student Underbite says her smile now looks pretty for the first time after undergoing surgery to break and reposition her upper jaw, which never developed properly.