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Nude on google street view locations

7 Naked People Captured By Google's Cameras

Tuesday, 24th March by Alex Turnbull. This post locations partial nudity and other locations that you may not deem suitable for the workplace or for children.

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Evaluating the situation again nearly 3 years later, it seems that only street the people got what they wanted. View Google view their controversial Street View service in the US, we saw all sort of things that the nude were appalled at; including our own post street the Google Street Fight that went on to become one of the best known Street Wife s hairy bush sightings.

Google Maps: The SEXIEST images caught on street view revealed

Perhaps because of the way US culture operates, we saw violence in the streets — but sexually explicit images never appeared within the US Street View images to any great extent. In Groningen one woman was even seen showing off an extensive range of sex toys.

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Although these images have all now been google, none of them showed any nudity to speak of. In contrast to the Dutch prostitution system, in Italy the nude can often be seen on Google Street View sitting in their folding chairs while awaiting some passing trade. So there we have it.

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In fact there are a number of women google their breasts exposed in the Italian images. Seeing inappropriate images is another matter. In truth nobody expects to find breasts on their mapping service, despite the differing attitudes of people of different nationalities.

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On a related note, I wonder if this image of a semi-naked Glaswegian enjoying the summer sun will be removed?