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Police have arrested 14 persons including a minor for alleged involvement in blackmailing people after acquiring nude pictures and videos of them through Facebook.

Two police officers sacked over nude video and photos

According to police all persons arrested in Addu were between the age of Police appealed to Maldivians to be more careful approving friendships with strangers on social networks. Police warned Maldivians to be careful of receiving invitations and messages from these profiles.

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Maldivians to statistics from Facebook, the Maldives has 89, registered users — two thirds of whom are male. Almost half Maldivian Facebook nude are aged under Police and minivan trying to spin the real story. Initially the news reported as blackmailing maldivians government officials. Now it seems that nude police is nude to make this a big social issue and get sympathy for the idiot officials of government nude had sex through web cam with strangers.

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Who knows if the police are not the ones who saved nude photos of maldivians Maldivians to those computers.

There are hundreds maldivians nude photos of Maldivians available on the internet. Police must investigate the other computers as well.

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Not only the guys free nude asian porn were at one end of the computer.