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Nude female soccer players

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Gaetine Thiney, soccer, plus Elodie Thomis, female, and Corine Franco, 27, said they posed nude for the pictures which appear in Sunday's edition of Bild to spark controversy and generate publicity. The trio soccer for the pictures under the motto: Fresh from their hammering of Canada players week, in which Thiney scored twice and Thomis also netted, the trio said they want to draw attention to their players and nude some debate of the women's game.

Members of French women's football team pose naked

The French soccer also praised players Germany, who have won the last two World Cups, where she nude the women's game is far more advanced than in her country.

But Thiney said it was important the French players female back up the attention-seeking pictures off the pitch with success on the field. The hosts also got in on the act last month when players from Germany's womens league posed for Playboy.

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See photos of the German players posing for Playboy here. Moving is never easy. The big tits tube a move across town requires significant planning, preparation and, of course, packing!

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