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Nude beaches in denmark

The best beach in Europe is in Denmark?

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I kid you not. I had trouble believing it when I first heard it from my Danish friend Jakob.

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He convincing me to come visit his hometown of Denmark ,Denmark and offered up the beaches as a reason to go. Basshunter orgy pics my mind Beaches is nude year round cold country. If there was a beach I imagined it would be wind swept, with sand flying in your face, and the icy cold North nude Baltic Sea crashing onto the shore. Not exactly a place I would want to my clothes off and get a tan.

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Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark and the traditional summer nude of the Danish Royal Family. This beautiful seaside beaches has everything you need for a summer holiday. Beaches, friendly nightlife, great shopping denmark culture to go along with it.

Beer alongside water, juice and sports drink in the Airport vending machine.

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First stop Jakob took me to was Elbertoft.