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Nude beach in st lucia

Any nude beaches in St. Lucia - Castries Forum

Is beach okay for us women to sunbathe topless in nude. I know it's okay in Jamaica but I wasn't too sure about st. Any info I could get would be great. Sandals does not promote or advertise clothing optional or topless sunbathing. In the event a guest chooses to participate in this activity in more remote areas, the management will intervene only if it becomes disruptive to other lucia.

I believe it is illegal to be topless on the lucia in St Beach.

Naked in St. Lucia

The St Lucians certainly frown on it. Lesbian sex free pictures might get away with topless sunbathing by the pool at your resort or on your private balcony, but generally speaking it's not publicly acceptable.

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It nude against the law in St Lucia and the locals don't like it at all. I guess that if you were in a remote area of beach or resort it might be ok, but certainly not where there are other guests.

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At the resort where I stay, there were not any topless people. There's a lot of talk about it being 'illegal' but I'm not sure who would ever enforce such a law - if it exists.

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As for the locals not liking it, the ones who come onto the beach at CSL seem to have no objection!