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Nude beach in croatia

Could any of you kind people please advise my wife and I on nudist beaches in Europe. What we're looking for is a nudist beach within walking distance of a holiday resort where we can stay.

Nudist beaches Croatia

We know there are loads nude there but trying to find ones close to resorts is not beach easy task. Many nudist beaches are in Croatia which satisfied this criteria. Try to find area or resort first. Or you can find more info here: One naturist beach that I have not been to is Nugal, which is within a half hour walk of Makarska apparently.

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There are so many naturist resorts and beaches, or indeed secluded coves and stretches of rock that can be used by naturists it nude impossble to narrow it down, but pretty much nude in Croatia has a naturist beach or beach.

It's worth pointing out that beach many cases, a short boat ride is required to reach beach best beaches, and in the case of Jerolim island off Hvarand Nude at Rabit is a wonderful part of the holiday.

Or you could stay in Rovinj and visit Valalta resort via the minibus from the bus station each day,and or go to Red Island where the beaches used croatia naturists croatia across the causeway from the hotel Istra. Croatia is croatia croatia for naturists pretty much everywhere, though in honesty, the opportunities are rather less around Dubrovnik.