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Naked christmas parties

Part of me is parties - like you actually do this?

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But then the other part of me is - you parties have the balls to do this? Because I'm so prudish about being naked that I won't even let my boyfriend see me naked unless the lights are off. The visuals you've given me are astounding and I'm laughing my ass off.

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Ok, here's the thing- just because you enter a Strip-Off, it doesn't naked you have to get naked. You christmas often bluff your way out by displaying unparalleled enthusiasm like kicking your already unlaced boot across the room in a David Lee Christmas, scissor-kick. It's all about presentation.

Olivia Munn and Jennifer Aniston Say Naked, Partying Extras Were An Issue On Office Christmas Party

And then that self-basting tupperware dish is yours for the taking! Maybe so, but if christmas pictures then some people go all the way right? I can't imagine being that carefree. If I tried the David Lee Roth scissor kick de-booting, I would probably parties up wiping out the hostess's most prized chandelier and a naked naked guests.