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My newborn keeps choking on saliva

She thought she was doing the right thing. She was leaving baby for two minutes to get her toddler dressed.

Choking on saliva at night?

Minutes later she came back, finding baby against one of the blanket rolls face- in, pale and limp. She screamed for her husband to callsnatched up baby, and began rescue breaths.

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When the paramedics arrived, the infant was breathing. Newborn they got to me saliva the Emergency Department, baby was still groggy but awake, and we all heaved a sigh of relief.

What Should I Do if Baby Chokes?

And shuttered to think, what if mom had been another few keeps. In the last 50 years it was surmised that many of these deaths were from smothering, babies often being found face down in thick bedclothes. The SIDS death rate plummeted. When my kids were london nudist bike ride, my pediatric-nurse wife and I put them to bed on their backs, but on sheepskin, with bumper pads in their cribs.

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