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My dog licks my crotch

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Savage Love Letter of the Day: I Let My Dog Lick My Crotch—Can I Still Go To Heaven?

After the dog licked your pussy does it constantly try to sniff in that area? My sister recently moved in with me and my dog has never tried sniffing my crotch nor any other females but I think my sister crotch my dog lick her clit I won't be mad if she does I would just like to know if this is why all of a sudden my dog is always trying to sniff mine and her crotch.

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Please help me to understand so I don't think there's something wrong with my dog Is this what is causing him dog want to sniff my crotch? My dog always sort of like licks to rape me.

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Sometimes when you and your dog are alone just pull off your panties, spread your legs and call your dog over. He'll lick you until you cum. Yes he probably does lick your sister's pussy.

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What about the 2nd time and all other times?