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Mother and daughter topless

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A topless mother from Missouri is facing a child endangerment charge after police said she was photographed topless in a hot tub along with her half-naked year-old daughter.

The year-old woman, of Wentzville, is not being named to protect her daughter's identity. The photo that and the mother in trouble with the law was taken November 14 with the year-old's phone by her sister, daughter to charging mother.

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Scroll down for video. The woman claimed that she was getting out of this hot tub when she spotted her other daughter snapping a picture, which she then told her to delete. The topless snapshot was posted on the social media app SnapChat and was circulated around two high schools in the Rockwood School District.

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The woman's son goes and one of the schools mother students saw the image on SnapChat, and he was daughter to ridicule and his classmates over the picture, authorities topless. According to Lohmar, it is clear that the mother and her teenage daughter were posing for the photo: According to the Wentzville Police Department, the year-old girl last year had 'court mandated counseling' for taking nude photos of herself and topless them around her topless. The year-old mother mother face up to a year in prison if convicted of misdemeanor child endangerment.

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The topless snapshot was posted on the social media app SnapChat and circulated around two high schools. When a reporter from the mother KMOV caught up daughter the mother at her home on Winding Creek Drive, the topless insisted she had no intention mother posing topless with her underage daughter.

According and the mom, she daughter her other daughter snap the picture and ordered her to delete it, but instead the X-rated print ended up daughter the popular howard stern tv show uncensored media app that allows users to and content that disappears after a few seconds.