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One of the sexiest and tallest chicks to grace the porn world is Eva Notty. Mistress grew up in a protective household and was a bright girl during her formative years. It was during this time that she worked for her family trucking company, as a receptionist. She handled shawna tasks, including receiving phone calls, calculating payroll and escort scheduling trucks for deliveries.

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Working during her formative years gave her shawna urge to be independent and not bother about what others thought of her actions. It was this attitude of hers that got her an entry into the porn world. With very few friends and a arizona too mistress family, Eva is more of a loner who loves arizona live escort on her own terms.

Eva is very intelligent, well-travelled and loves to have sex, in both public and private. And, not all clients are welcome to her doorstep.

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She is very choosy about who she fucks. Soon, she found herself featuring in sizzling and raunchy photoshoots and sex scenes for the Score magazine.