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A s a Palestinian wife and storekeeper in Detroit, Kareema faces a number of challenges. But nothing is more daunting than when her nude sister suddenly arrives in America after being exiled from Kuwait after the first Gulf War and in a few days starts nude an affair with Kareema's husband. Sarita Choudhurywho had a passionate love affair with Denzel Washington in her debut movie Mississippi Mississippi about 13 years ago, plays Kareema in the new off-Broadway hit, Roar.

Mississippi Masala Nude scene

For several years many people have been wondering where Sarita's career has been going. But all that is in the past now.

Roar masala, which is running till May 8, has been directed by Marion McClinton King Hedley IIone of the big names in American theatre, and has received masala excellent reviews.

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The scene, part-English actress wants to do another play before working in a film. The 37 year-old believes that being on the stage makes her a more mature and disciplined artist and going back to the movies with her new experience can only enhance her career.

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Excerpts from an interview with Arthur J Pais: Many people remember your nude scenes in Mira Nair's Kama Sutra. I was lucky to have a female director who was tasteful.

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Actual nudity in the film was less than its sensuality. I only believe mississippi doing a nude scene when I trust the director. Usually up to the day before Nude beaches on oahu am convinced I will say 'no' because my heart is full of fear. When I see French movies, I realise how scene it is for other cultures.