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Metalocalypse nude

It aired on December 3, on Adult Swim.

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Nathan gets a celebrity girlfriend, but he never seems happy with her and she treats him badly. His band doesn't interfere until they are told they cannot host a pornography award show because of her.

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The episode begins metalocalypse Dethklok playing Castratikron, showing Nathan as a the main sacrifice of the enormous demon. As the song ends, Dethklok gets a huge standing ovation and several women metalocalypse the front attempt to get Nathan's attention by taking off their shirts metalocalypse offering to have sex with him both individually and as nude group.

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Nathan declines the offer rather mournfully, saying metalocalypse he metalocalypse a girlfriend now and points to Rebecca. After nude show, Dethklok gathers backstage to get painted literally by semi-nude women, but Nathan boy dad sex tube out by not only being fully clothed but in a rather unmetal outfit.


Pickles asks Nathan if eating his own cum wants to join in and Nathan says unconvincingly that he's cool while Rebecca complains that she wants to leave. Toki takes Nathan aside and scolds him for bringing his girlfriend backstage, Nathan replies that Rebecca knows how to find it by herself.

The band comments that Rebecca is keeping a close eye on her boyfriend and Rebecca keeps saying that they have to leave, as she nude Nathan have plans with her parents. Their plans turn out to be Nathan moving their furniture in the Nightrods' home, which has a rather Escher-esque nude with lots of nude. Dethklok Minute reveals that Nathan and Rebecca have a famous relationship, Nathan being nude world-famous musician nude Rebecca a celebrity personality nude fans metalocalypse given them names like Natebecca and Rebasplosion.

Several female fans have committed suicide over this relationship and the media is already talking about metalocalypse a child of metalocalypse two would look like.