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The group has since adult s worked with non-invasive measuring techniques for aid lennart the diagnosis of the skin.

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The methods are based on the principle that pathological tissue has different physical properties compared to normal skin.

Lennart EmtestamGroup Leader, Professor.

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He was appointed Professor of Karolinska Institutet in He manages the skin disease research group at the Unit of Infectious Diseases and Dermatology. This project community work with urine drips out after peeing non-invasive tool based on electrical impedance for distinguishing various pathological tissue from normal skin.

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The project is under commercialization. Hidradenitis suppurativa is a cicatrizing and frequently persistent inflammatory disorder of adult sebaceous follicles and terminal hair lennart of apocrine gland-bearing areas in the adult. This project started in the s and focuses on community different aspects of the disease, including treatment, etiology and epidemiology.

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Two important contributions to the scientific community from the group: First, a minimal-invasive carbon dioxide laser treatment was developed by Jan Lapins. Second, the internationally established "Sartorius Score" a disease severity assessment tool was proposed by Karin Sartorius.